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Blogging theory

A blog is a collection. Evidently, this is not a new idea. A blog is a perfect collection—why hasn't anyone written this? Most of the adjectives used to describe the blog as a collection show no reflection about its form.

To clarify, a blog is a perfect collection in its ideal state. It's a strange ideal, though, because collections are always imperfect—they can never be complete!

A complete blog is a dead blog. The ideal blog is always resolving this tension between perfection and incompleteness. This gives it "the incentive to begin again and the justification for its irregular rhythm."

As in any collection, material should appear in a blog in a moment of recognition. By my calculations, the writers of Fire Joe Morgan have a pretty much inexhaustible source of material, at least as long as ESPN continues to produce laughable baseball "journalism."

Note: This won't be an ideal blog, at least by my own standards. I want to force things into it and see what results I get. The subtitle gives away its experimental nature.