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The decision to shoot

The decision to shoot can be one of recognition. The photographer asks, "does this image belong?" The shutter should be released when the answer is "yes."

This decision can be made in other ways.


Peter Robinett said...


This some pretty minimalist blogging you're doing. =)

mcvmcv said...

Oh Peter.

Immediate response: Yes... I call it "blogging."

Academic response: That question can't be asked of an aphorism.

Human response: I didn't have anything else to say!

Nicole said...

Who cares how long the blog post was? It highlights a very important and necessary (but basic, true) element of photography. The exact term my prof. would use was "the decisive moment," to describe the actual moment in time a photographer chooses to click the shutter. We would pin our photographs on the a large black wall - naked and totally exposed for everyone in the class to size up. The worst was when Prof. Newton would ask, "And what was your thought process? Why was this your decisive moment?" knowing full well that the answer she would receive was a mumbled "I dunno, I thought it looked cool."
What she was trying to prove is that what distinguishes photographers from normal photography enthusiasts, is the decisive moment, when a photographer recognizes a potential image and, with a discerning eye, CHOOSES to capture it. Its a beautiful thing to think about...

Posts like these are great because they can leave so much room for discussions like these.