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say hi to KOREA

One link can send you down a rabbit hole. From the blog of globetrotting Korean model DAULMONSTER I found a few photography-related websites. Behold:

Daul's blog is a great read by the way. If fashion is like a kind of storm that swallows up trends and brings them in to its center, she writes from a position that's close to the eye of this storm. She still retains the perspective of an outsider, which is valuable.

Events might need photography to become historical, but fashion needs it even more. Photography is the medium of fashion. There must be a detectable shift in fashion corresponding to the development of the camera as a popular tool. I enjoy these conceptually simple photoblogs like The Sartorialist, and the first guy I linked to above. They practice an accidental form of photography that starts to make good on the promise of popular photography. "Starts," in this case, because fashion is always a beginning.