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The photo in question. Decide for yourself

This blog may be focused on photography now, but that's no reason to stop hating on Boing Boing. Their latest affront to my sensibility is titling a post about HDR photography in Japan "Beautiful high dynamic range photo from Japan."

Am I supposed to accept that Boing Boing is the arbiter of what is beautiful on the internet and what is not? Given the relatively wide range of influence that Boing Boing has, it worries me that they are would be so downright lazy in their writing. Just say it was "cool," guys! That's all we need from you!


Chubot said...

Boing Boing Beauty my ass

mcvmcv said...

hey, that's why i said decide for yourself! but yeah, i'm not a big fan of HDR, at least from what i've seen so far.