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Good photographers writing badly; plus another person's picture

In Marco Bohr's Observatories series I've found something that's a little bit similar to what I'd like to do with the project I mentioned yesterday. It's not exactly the same in concept - he photographs people looking at stuff, not necessarily being looked at - but the results are close to what I'd like to get myself. Also, all the photos are taken in Japan, so I'm definitely a fan.

© Marco Bohr
if i'm not pretentious enough to blog this image, just let me know man

The series is well worth a look, and yeah I wish that I took some of these pictures myself. I'm not really sure how much I can support some of the prose in his artist statement, though:

The undefined scenery and washed out highlights are as much an invitation to imagine the view of a landscape, as it is an invitation to define our self.

This is so nauseating. Where are the anti-humanist photographers? Who are the photographers destroying photography? Is it unrealistic to ask for someone to give at least a nod to the absurdity inherent in the active financial subsidy of this type of image? I'm sure these photographers must exist, can someone enlighten me? Shouldn't Marco Bohr be laughing just a little harder?

I'll put myself on the chopping block now. Here's a picture I took over the summer, also in Japan, which would be part of the Other people's photos project. A professional-looking black border probably isn't going to save this one. Feel free to chastise me in the comments for posting this.

I'm keeping a set on Flickr of photos that might work for the project, but I won't even make any bones about it, I have a long ways to go.

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