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Some photo links, or RSS food

Here are a few links to sites that I enjoy:

  • Flak Photo: this one is definitely well-known in the Serious Art Photo world. You'll be noticed by Important People if you get your work up here. I think it's great because it has an RSS feed with really big images, and it never posts more than one photo a day.
  • photographs on the brain: the Tumblr of Bryan Formhals, one of the prime movers of the Hardcore Street Photography group on Flickr. He tumbls interesting articles on photography and striking images from 'round the internet. Note that this is not part of the "network of cool" photographers, which is a good thing.
  • Hardcore Street Photography: basically the best Flickr group. The images are highly moderated, so you can subscribe to the feed and end up with around 15-20 photos per week. They're usually of a very high quality, but what really sets this group apart is the discussion. This is an actual community of people who are extremely interested in talking about street photography. It's well worth stopping by, even just to lurk.

As I started writing this, I was just thinking of sharing "links." All three of these sites are highly adaptable to RSS, though, in fact with the exception of the HCSP discussion board I do not visit these sites at all. So, got any hot feeds of your own?

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