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Using Picasaweb

I've decided to start using Picasa a bit more for photo sharing, mostly to exercise a higher level of quality control over the stuff I'm putting on Flickr. I've said it before but I should stop worrying so much about Flickr, those shiny stats are very distracting. It's more important for to develop than to get views. That is ancillary. Ironically the complete deficiency of community and stats on Picasaweb makes it attractive for posting lots of "work in progress" shots, i.e. pretty much everything that I'm taking.

Parque Rivadavia, Buenos Aires

Here's a link to some pictures from Buenos Aires, on Picasa, straight out of the scanner. I'm not blown away by any of them, really, but I know that some people (hey, my family at least) will be interested in seeing what I'm up to, visually or otherwise. I like writing the captions on Picasa, anyway.


mazzi said...

¿Are you still in Buenos Aires? I discovered your blog searching for golden half camera info. Cheers!

Dan said...

hola mazzi, gracias por tu nota. no desafortunadamente solamente pasaba unos dias alla esta vez. la verdad es que me encanta buenos aires, conozco la ciudad bastante bien - cursaba algunas materias en la UBA, en filosofia y letras. chau!