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Camera as justification

Holding a camera is reason enough to put yourself in strange physical positions, or to act foolishly in general. Picture the photographer crouching down in the middle of the crowd, squinting through the lens at a party, leaning to one side to get a better angle—in short, doing the "wrong" thing. The camera justifies all of this.

Garry Winogrand, "Apollo 11 Moon Shot"
click for large

If the Winogrand photo does not illustrate this is concept well, open up this clip and skip to the 5:40 mark for an accurate representation.

You have to put yourself in harm's way to take photos. Of course this is not really true: can you imagine Sugimoto-san running wide-eyed into the street for the sake of a shot? But Hamburger Eyes has shown the value of curating photos that were created out of this approach.

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