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Finally! An artist statement on 20x200 that's written well.

Laugarás, Iceland by Bob O'Connor
The rural landscape of Iceland is full of horses that are allowed to run wild for most of the year. Unfortunately, this also means that the horses aren't that interested in seeing people with cameras. Everytime I got out of the car to attempt a photograph the horses would turn and run away. On the last day of the trip, after two weeks of trying, I found some horses that were cooperative and let me photograph them. It took a bribe, in the form of some green apples and grass, but I think we all won out in the end. I got my photograph and they got a tasty snack.

I walked by the Jen Bekman gallery last week in New York (she runs 20x200) but it was closed, and I left early the next day. Too bad. Why did I not realize it was there earlier?

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