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SF scenes

This is totally gonna break my blog but I don't care. The RSS feed will make this look a lot better (pictures will not be clipped).


mike brotzman said...

These are all really fucking good and humbling too, the first and third especially. But then as I said I have a "thing" for formalities and formal structures, so that preference is all mine; really they're all just unstoppable. Thanks for posting them. I wish you would do it more often and in greater volume.

nicolesh said...
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nicolesh said...

I agree with Mike. They are pretty stunning. Personal fav is the St. Francis counter. You really made good use of the lighting ;-)

mcvmcv said...

thanks for the comments guys.

@mike: i do plan to post my own stuff on the blog with more frequency, stay tuned.

@nicole: the st. francis picture is my favorite too, although it has some problems :P