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tokyo diary


- for a city which some people, with reason, call "ugly," tokyo is highly photogenic. the light streams in—it is bright, but never harsh (i.e. flat), even at midday. it's important to note that buildings have a significant effect on it; they soak it up, or diffuse it, or reflect it in powerful beams which illuminate unexpected sections of the sidewalk.

- a comforting fact, somehow: you can buy hamburger eyes here. it costs ¥1500, so not too much of a markup even.

- crowds (cameras) everywhere.

- a different scene at every turn. a feeling that the photo will be there for the taking, if you wait for it.


- i lied. there is such a thing as flat light in tokyo. duh.

- had a drink not exactly with, but in close physical proximity to, a major personal photography hero.

- walking around all day with a heavy camera is exhausting. duh.

- non-photography note: "marquee moon" is my new karaoke jam.


- shadow (night) and not-shadow (day).

- lots of neon for the golden half.