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I, I, I

In a culture that is permeated by consumerism and easily lured by status-enhancing symbols, I find beauty in derelict cars and unkempt buildings. As the urban industrial landscape around me continues to evolve, artifacts like these are often overlooked.

In this particular series, I commemorate commercial vehicles inundated with graffiti and rust. Removing them from their everyday context, I place them on a solid color field giving them portrait-like importance. With devoted attention, I paint every imperfection and sign of age. Isolating these objects allows me a chance to document a time and place, and to make still a part of the ever-changing urban environment.

See the resulting work here. I can only read the words "I commemorate" in a breathy, faux-hippie voice.


themacinator said...

wow, i actually really like these. seeing as i'm obsessed with graffiti trucks, and all. i also "commemorate" them...

Dan said...

i agree, the work isn't bad at all. the artist statement just strikes me as pretentious.