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Moriyama-san taking pictures in Tokyo

There's so much that's great about this video of Daido Moriyama walking around Tokyo at night, snapping pictures. Note, it's 8 minutes long, and there's no sound. The best stuff happens at the 5 minute mark, although the whole video is worth watching, except the end where it shows him developing and printing.

Stuff I like in particular:

- snapping pictures with the camera away from his face

- at 5:15, taking a picture of a dude who looks a little bit surprised/bemused, then striding right past him without looking at him at all

- shortly after that, taking pictures of people while holding the camera at his side and looking completely the other way

- his generally calm demeanor

- the approach here seems to be not much more than, let me walk around and take pictures of interesting stuff. i'm down with that
- where's the flash?

[via Photohemorrhage]

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