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Obama sigh

People at work are all in a huff about these photos on Barack Obama's flickr, taken backstage on his (eventual) victory night. I think they're pretty interesting to look at. The problem my geekier colleagues have with them is that they're underexposed, blurry, etc. Yes, they look like the median Facebook picture... but my response to this is... who actually *cares* (besides you obviously)?

"omg worst. exposure. evar!111"

Have you seen these photos yet? Does the poor technical quality hurt you on the inside? Could you have taken better photos of this event? If so, are you secretly bitter at this poor, hapless photog?

I'm just happy to have a real (human) president for the first time in my life as a person with some political conscience. For reference, here are Callie Shell's photos of Obama, and Big Picture's set, both of which are great.

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