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Photographers suck!

In the end, the Street Boners article I linked up bashing photography is an example that a sure-fire way of getting noticed on the internet is to flail your arms and scream loudly. (Then Kottke links to someone who links to you and you're legitimized) The post is over the top, *but* it does have something resembling a point—at the most basic level, it's easy to get caught up in trends which value silly stuff. For example: how long is the color medium format + flash + foliage meme going to continue to have currency in the internet photo scene? (Huge bonus points if the photographer happens to be Swedish, by the way) I do also think that *what* you take a picture of is important, a point which the author makes in a blunt fashion.

So maybe that article hasn't sated your desire to read online anti-photography screeds. If so, be sure to read what the SF-based, self-proclaimed "not a photographer" photographer Merkley??? says about photographers. Here's a highlight:

Photographers have strong opinions about Terry Richardson.

Photographers get upset about cropping.

Photographers like the anticipation, surprise, expense, delay, grain, smell, challenge, discipline, texture, and overall unpredictable "magic" of analog, soo opposite of effing digital.

And yeah, I do have strong opinions about Terry Richardson.

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