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Polaroid afterlife

Was it inevitable? Here's Poladroid, a program you can download which will take a photo and degrade the color + add slight vignetting + add fake fingerprints + "mount" it in a Polaroid-sized white frame. Note that this is only available for Mac users (of course).

photo by jacopast on Flickr, it was the only half-decent one I could find after wading through the generally abominable pool

I've never had a Polaroid camera before, so this doesn't make me sad/nostalgic or anything like that. I just want to know when can I get a Lomo version of this! I know I know, it already exists for Photoshop or something... But how about a Golden Half version? IN SHORT: who needs that silly film anyway, when our computars [NB: not a misspelling] can simulate it for us?

At the end of the day, digital is the way of the world. As an amateur, analog is a matter of choosing a different experience of taking pictures—not necessarily a "better" one, you geeks—and, yes, choosing to pay a premium for it.

[from Monika]

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