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Shomei Tomatsu as Jorge Luis Borges

If I could, I would want to see everything: the affairs of others, the scene of a murder, the pygmies in the African rain forest, the super-rich of Wall Street, the face of the man who stole three hundred million yen, the Sydney Opera House, the graveyard of ships in the Sargasso Sea, the tail of an orca, the plankton of the deep ocean, the inside of Prime Minister Satō's belly, Mao Zedong, Mars, Cape Kennedy, Antarctic blizzards, the animals whose name is "sloth," the pudendum of Marilyn Monroe. My eyes are infamously greedy;... to me, the stuff other photographers substitute for seeing is nothing but a kind of pessimism.
From Yomiuri shimbun, April 24, 1969

Compare to this passage in "The Library of Babel," or to the climax of "The Aleph" (search for the word 'Soler' to find it). A reminder that this blog takes its name from Borges' world.

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