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Digital straight talk, and action

Sure, there’s nothing like doing C-prints in the darkroom, but we need to adapt to the times. I think a lot of the digital haters out there simply don’t know enough about color or the behavior of film to create digital images that work the way they want. Before I did photography in college, I was in studio art classes, and in painting we focused a lot on the color of light. Shadows can be warm or cold depending on the light source. Film is like that too—shadows can be cyan or blue or red, for example, depending on the light source, the subject, and the type of film. Quite simply, one has to understand the color of light in order to get the right results from digital. I don’t want to turn my blog into a Photoshop manual, but I will probably still give some hints about RAW conversions soon. It’s no fun to go to a photographer’s website and see flat, oversaturated photographs that just scream out DIGITAL. The results shouldn’t be overshadowed by the means.
- Elizabeth Weinberg, interviewed at Too Much Chocolate

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