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Argentina v EEUU

For two entire minutes yesterday, I was able to live the dream that the US might actually beat Argentina in football. Not even 10 minutes in to the game, Eddie Johnson ran through and Heinze, I think, pushed him over in the box. He took the penalty himself with no problems, left Pato rooted to the spot.

Obviously a goal within the opening 10 minutes is a great start for any team, but particularly for the US because our style, at least as it was developed by Bruce Arena and now carried on by Bob Bradley, is to play a lot of defense and try to hit teams on the counterattack. Sitting back against Argentina isn't a good idea (look at what happened to Serbia) but our attack is nowhere near good enough to merit throwing more than two or three guys forward.

Anyway, Argentina came right down the field, somebody pushed Riquelme over, and he sent in a free kick that our confused defenders couldn't handle. The ball fell to Crespo in the box, and he never misses. We didn't play poorly after that, but the match was never really in doubt. 4-1 albiceleste.

I want a Benny Feilhaber jersey, he's the future. He didn't look out of place playing next to Veron and Riquelme.