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Blind leading the blind

From "seaworthy southeast thesaurus":

I agree with Greg Kot that Cappadonna’s fierce rhymes upstaged GZA, anyway.
I wasn't at the show, but this can't be right. Cappadonna? "Fierce rhymes?"

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D'Aziz said...

I came to the fork in the road and went straight
Right out the crack vile to the golden gate
See the silver spoon in my mouth it had cake
My rap birth date debut song was ice bait
Readit like a novel, donna cappa gone
Strivin my duns be dollars and coins
Whether in new york or compton californs
I come correct twenty two outfits and a mic check
One derby, cappachino the great
Sittin at the table where the gambinos ate
Wu-tang clan concentrate
Bounce on the track donna crack it like a safe