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Long winded explanation of why I've created a new music blog

If I had used well thought out tags for all of my posts for this blog (which has no consistent subject matter, making it imperfectly imperfect according to my first post), I should be able to create separate blogs for any tag. This is true of the only tag that I actually used, "pitchfork." I could write an entire blog about that website, the secret affection for which I constantly deny to myself, but that would be boring anyway. Until someone writes in begging for an entire blog of my insightful commentary on the state of online music criticism, you'll have to make do with a blog that's theoretically about music. It will inevitably talk about the state of online music criticism, of course, it's just not devoted entirely to that purpose you see.

This should free up some space on this blog for other things, like more posts about the position of soccer within American culture, I know those are a hit.

The link! The link!

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