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Analog/Digital skies

Two good images, one shot with film, the other with digital. It should be pretty obvious which one is which.


Jeremy Joslin

What's valuable about a distortion? Why would anyone ever want to produce an 'imperfect' image? In the world of music, this conversation plays itself out between vinyl purists and, well, everyone else. I can't really get behind vinyl myself. My dad, a one-time audiophile, dismisses the argument that vinyl produces a 'warm sound' by saying that you could just invent a digital processor that would add in the necessary distortions to make the sound 'warm.' This was always pretty convincing to me.

I've heard this same argument applied to shooting film: "why wouldn't you just create that effect in Photoshop?" I'm not convinced by this argument, for a simple reason: I'd rather spend my time taking pictures than sitting in front of my screen.

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