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In a beautiful place out in the country

Glendalough, Ireland

Here's a photo I took using the "Kisekae" camera, which is a toy camera made in Japan by the totally awesome SuperHeadz. The appeal of the Kisekae is that you can cut out a piece of paper or photo and mount it in the front of the camera, which is transparent. I've been meaning to catalog the toy cameras I use beyond the Supersampler, because more than anything else, they're tons of fun to use. I've actually got a Supersampler image loaded in the front of the Kisekae right now.

This photo is definitely not my worst ever, and I think there's something sort of interesting going on here. However, the Kisekae is not the camera one would want in this situation! When you look closer, you'll find that the picture is quite blurry on the whole, where a piece of real glass would resolve more detail. (There's nothing more to resolve on the negative, because I'm scanning my own negatives now. Yesssss.)

forest for the trees

The camera wasn't the only thing that let this picture down of course. For starters, getting closer to those people would have helped a lot. I do think it's possible to make printable images with this camera, and I have one roll from summer (SUMMER!) that I know is worth revisiting. I'll scan some of the good shots from it and see what comes out. In the meantime, I've filed this under "useful failures."


Peter Robinett said...

Dan, I think this photo is fantastic. I think the technical imperfections and quality make it looks like some lost vacation photo from the 50s. In fact, that was why initial thought until I read that you actually took the photo recently.

Dan said...

Are your pals over at Warp getting you to shoot the new Boards of Canada cover?

mcvmcv said...

@peter: well thanks! i should do some tests when i get the SLR back to see what the difference in lenses *actually* is.

@dan: man, i wish. there's a boards of canada group on flickr, and if i put this photo up there i'll definitely add it.