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Flickr star: Blue_Onion*

I want to move past the Holga for medium format stuff. I've been eying up the Mamiya C330, and Blue_Onion* only makes me want it more. I really like the way the light falls on the right side of the frame here:

This is my current background image:

You can't see this in the small version of the image that I'm posting, but if you click on it to see a larger version, you'll notice the incredible sharpness of the ground's texture. The colors in both of these photos are extremely well processed, especially the blue in the second image.

I would love to post some of my own stuff but I don't have the skills to process my photos yet. Walgreen's still owns me, but not for long... Any tips welcome in the meantime!


Peter Robinett said...

I thought you got a film scanner. Not yet?

mcvmcv said...

i have the scanner, i'm just not that proficient at editing my stuff once i've scanned it in. the first link in that last paragraph goes to a photo done by walgreen's, the second one goes to a version of the same photo that i was working on from the scanner. i have a lot of room to improve.