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The B blog is a regular source of clear thinking about shooting film. Here he's talking about a recent trip:

My only problem is that I didn't bring along enough film. The last few days I was forced into an uncomfortably deliberate style which felt very unnatural. It's impossible for me to take good photos when I have to stop and consider whether the exposure will be "worth it". Such conditions almost guarantee that no photo will be. I suppose I could get around this by shooting digital but then the opposite effect sets in. When there is no need at all to consider whether an exposure will be "worth it", that also guarantees that none will be. The middle ground seems to be in between: use film freely but expensively.

I am just starting to adopt this approach. Worry less about whether it's a "great" picture and just shoot. Is that the same as saying "don't think"? I don't think so. At the end of the day, you sit down with what you've shot and only focus on the stuff that came out well. Don't think while shooting, but think while editing. Piece together what you (weren't) thinking.

I'm visiting Chicago this weekend, with plenty of film.

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