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San Francisco exhibits: Hamburger Eyes, Fraenkel, De Young

"The Low Road" by Ted Pushinsky at Hamburger Eyes

This is photography for the details. I'm not sure in the end that it adds up to a consistent vision, but there are a number of images that really stand out on their own. Ted Pushinsky captures the sidelong glance of a child at a skeleton pointing a mock AK-47 at him; his father is walking off, already looking the other way. Recognizing this moment is skill enough. This show is free! [from now until the beginning of August, 10am-10pm at Hamburger Eyes Photo Epicenter].

"Several Exceptionally Good Recently Acquired Pictures XX" at Fraenkel Gallery

This is a survey at what I guess is our city's most prestigious photo gallery—they represent some huge names including the big man himself, Hiroshi Sugimoto. Outside of some Lee Friedlander pictures, and two interesting photos of bomb drops taken from a warplane, there's not too much to get excited about. The title of the exhibit does a good job of setting expectations low, though, and this is also free. and you can buy a poster of a Sugimoto print for $8 so no complaints.

Dale Chihuly at the De Young

After Dan Flavin, this shouldn't cost an extra $5 for non-members to see. It's sad if this is what the De Young has to show to get people to visit.

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mcvmcv said...

to any interested parties: this post basically sucks except for what i wrote about the de young. the fraenkel gallery doesn't deserve anything better though, i feel much worse about publishing this half-assed hamburger eyes review.