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Some relevant quotes, sorted by relevance

"shoot film. its decadent. and it still looks better."

"Perhaps, unlike artists working in other media, a photographer is arguably always engaged in the process of selection and elimination- no other medium involves discarding as much of an artist's production. The process is akin, then, to the curatorial task."

-Jessica Morgan, curator of Contemporary Art, Tate Modern, cited by Very Young Millionaire

"What exactly is adaptive grandiosity? It is the artist’s exhilarating conviction of his potential for greatness, the extremely high value he places on the uniqueness of his feelings, perceptions, sensations, memories, thoughts and experiences, and on the importance of publicly exhibiting the content of his inner world through his creative medium."

-?, cited by jessicapetunia

"Because it is obscure, but not totally inaccessible, this makes it cool. This makes stupid people buy it. One day their children will dust it off and play it, and realise that I am the supreme musical genius of my generation."

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