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Small axe

If I was serious about trying to stamp out as much "bad internet photo discourse" as I could, I'd have to look no further than Flickr commenters, who might rival Yelp in their inanity:

He doesn't quite take photos, no he doesn't, he purely experimenting with photography, I hasn't seen one shot that he took as a photographer, but as an experimenter.

Parse this sentence: you'll find nothing! Unless you can think of a photographer who isn't also an experimenter, that is. Photography might be the most "experimental" of art forms, although that's a different discussion.

It's not worth coming down hard on people or groups that don't deserve it. Do you know who falls in that category? Hamburger Eyes. As I was reading all these insipid Flickr comments, the thought occured to me that even though Hamburger Eyes doesn't articulate anything verbally, that's not a goal they've set for themselves: the Hamburger Eyes magazine has no words.

guess the year

I hope amart continues to throw good looking photos up on the Hamburger Eyes blog.

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