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Housekeeping: personal Tokyo blog

I have made the mistake of sometimes forgetting that close friends and family, some of whom have little interest in photography, read this blog. To that end I wish to publicize a new blog I have started, whose sole intention is to shed light on my personal life in Tokyo:

MCV MCV will remain focused on photography. I don't want to bore anyone reading this blog, saturated with information as you may already be.

On a photographic note, I am pretty sure that I won't have any new pictures to post for a while. I don't have a digital camera any longer (more on that later, I think) and I will almost certainly not have a negative scanner here. Instead of these contemporary methods of producing images, I am hoping to use a darkroom.

A contact sheet is quite simple to make. Cut a roll of processed black and white film into strips, mount them in a plastic sheet, and shine a concentrated beam of light through this sheet onto a piece of photographic paper. When this paper is developed, the result is a positive image of each frame from the roll, all in one place. When looking at a contact sheet, it has always been clear to me which images are worth printing larger.

I am sure that getting back to this process will help me actually see what I've shot, and identify what is worth shooting again. When the results do make their way to the great expanse of the internet, as they invariably must, let's hope you can feel the difference.

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